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1 Enhanced share of renewable sources of energy emphasized
 بجلی کی 35 فیصد پیداوار سورج اور ہوا پر منتقل کرنے سے سالانہ 300 ارب کی بچت ہو سکتی ہے
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2 CPDI Observed International Democracy Day with a Focus on Democratic Governance for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies 14/09/2023 View/Download PDF
3 Journalists moot for elimination of trans fatty acids (TFAs) from all foods 20/08/2023 View/Download PDF
4 CPDI Conducts Orientation Session on Right to Information for Government Officials and Journalists 20/07/2023 View/Download PDF
5 Stakeholders’ consultation aimed at addressing Pakistan’s climate-related challenges and finding effective solutions to combat plastic pollution 7/06/2023 View/Download PDF
6 CPDI Highlights Key Areas for Improvement in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information Bill, 2023 1/06/2023 View/Download PDF

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