Govt urged to cancel all debt payments

Due to the lock-down economic growth in the country is projected to be between -2.2 to -1.2 this year


With the economy experiencing an unprecedented period of stress due to multiple factors such as the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, leading to a higher incidence of poverty and impoverishment, the government has been urged to cancel all debt payments.

This was urged by speakers at a forum organised by the Tax Justice Alliance and the Centre of Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) on Thursday.  Continue reading

Crises or Not, people’s right to information remains in the mid-air!

As of today, the only continent left without a case of Coronavirus-COVID 19 in Antarctica[1]. The economic, social and political focus of the international comity right; from Tokyo to New York and Germany to Jamaica is vested to find an effective way to whitewash the contagious virus. In this time of crucial decision making at the level of government, availability, and disclosure of information to the public becomes preeminent. The current times call for greater transparency and maximum proactive disclosure of information by government departments. Continue reading