Training on ‘Using Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information Act 2013 for Public Accountability and improved Service Delivery’

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One of the primary reasons for the corrupt practices of public officials that the citizens of Pakistan have to deal with on daily basis lies in the fact that citizens do not know how to get their entitlements and rights. On one hand, this lack of access to information not only creates disconnect between citizens and the public bodies but also adversely impacts on their livelihoods and living standards. As a result, it incentivizes corruption as citizens, in the absence of information, have to pay bribes or use connections to get things done when they come into contact with public officials. On the other hand, lack of access to information also hampers public participation in development processes. This lack of public participation in development processes contributes to the design of development projects based on wrong priorities and embezzlement of public funds from development projects and schemes.
Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, (CPDI), after contributing to the enactment of the RTI Laws in KP and Punjab, is now trying to popularize the concept of getting access to information held by public bodies as a right by using this law. It is in this context that CPDI has facilitated the establishment of Citizens Information and Accountability Forum, (CIAF), a citizen led group in Hangu which will seek to achieve following objectives:
• To ensure increased public participation in district development works;
• To use Right to Information law, and to encourage citizens to use the law to unmask and mitigate corrupt practices in budgeting and spending on development projects;
• To enhance public accountability of the government officials for improved quality of service delivery in district Hangu – focusing on health, education, Water & Sanitation, environment/disaster risk management and agriculture sectors.
The CIAF consists of 40 people including representatives of youth, women rights organizations, minority groups, bar associations, traders association, farmers association, teachers association, NGOs/CBOs, University Faculty, and press clubs. This 2-day training on Using Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information Act 2013 for Public Accountability and Improved Service Delivery will be imparted to CIAF members in Hangu on November 29, 2016.

Contact Person with Cell # Zubair Shehzad 03365444132

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