Training on ‘The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 and the Responsibilities of Public Information Officers’(by Invitation)(Punjab)

Event Details

Description Under the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013, every public body is bound to designate Public Information Officers, (PIOs). These PIOs are assigned a task to respond to RTI queries in stipulated time period mentioned in law. Unfortunately, many public bodies have not designated PIOs yet and even where PIOs are designated they are not well aware of their responsibilities and they do not have the sufficient knowledge about RTI law. One of the responsibilities of the Punjab Information Commission, (PIC) is to train the PIOs and build their capacity so that they can perform their duties well as mentioned in law. At present PIC do not have adequate funds for this purpose. CPDI with the collaboration of Punjab Information Commission, (PIC) will build the capacity of PIOs. CPDI has sign MOU with PIC for organizing Training Workshops in Punjab. So far 21 such trainings have been conducted, where More than 500 PIOs were trained. In this context CPDI has organized training in Mianwali on May 09, 2017. It is expected that 20 PIOs will attend the said training.
Contact Person with Cell # Syed Raza Ali Shah 0336-5444115

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