Training of District Electoral Reforms Group (DERG), Sheikhupura(by invitation)(Punjab)

Event Details

Electoral system which is widely trusted by the citizens

is significant for strengthening democracy in Pakistan.

At present the constitutional, legal and administrative

process for elections in the country have many short

comings compared to international standards followed

for transparency, independence and fairness of

elections.  Therefore, for the greater transparency and

legitimacy of future general elections electoral reforms

in Pakistan are critically important.

Based on findings of election observers and

stakeholder’s consultation, FAFEN (Free and Fair

Election Network) has proposed necessary electoral

reforms which cover the pre, post and election day

processes for free, fair and transparent elections in


DERG (District Electoral Reforms Group) formed in

Lahore, Kasur and Sheikho Pura have been given a

critical role to popularize and to advocate their voices

for effective electoral reforms.  It is in this context, CPDI

has arranged three days training of DERG members to

enhance their capacity on proposed reforms and their

role in the advocacy campaign for it.

Contact Person with Cell # Maqsood Ahmad (0336-5444145)

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