Seminar on Roles and Responsibilities of local Representatives under KP LG Act 2013

Event Details

CPDI is conducting a seminar on the roles and responsibilities of local representatives under KP LG Act, 2013 as amended in 2019. The objective of this seminar is to apprise the different segments of society members about the role and functions of local representatives under KP LG Act. Political activist, youth, women, minority and mazdoor, civil society members along with AD Local government and representatives of Election Commission of Pakistan will be engaged in the seminar. The seminar is one of the initiatives taken by GIZ and CPDI for a strong and empowered local governments in KP.

Venue: TMA Babuzai Hall, Swat

Partner Organization: GIZ

Event Type: Seminar/ Public Event

Contact Persons with Cell Numbers: 
Shams-ul-Hadi 0336 5444118

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