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Initiative of engaging youth on the use of the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information act 2013 has been
very successful. Youth groups who were extensively trained by CPDI on law have not only used it for resolving the
development issues of their areas but also through the sustained efforts they paved way for its effective
implementation. On the annual basis CPDI arranges RTI sessions with the students of the private and the Government sector educational institutions in order to create awareness among the students about the Punjab RTI law and |its use for  the public good. In the month of September and October 2015 CPDI teams will arrange such sessions in the four districts of Punjab. Other than publicizing law sessions will also provide opportunity to students to join CPDI as young volunteers to associate themselves with ongoing RTI advocacy campaigns. Students will be selected on the basis of their profound understanding on RTI and its benefit for the society. Interested students will write and submit a narrative to share their ideas about RTI as tool for resolving community issues.

Contact Person with Cell # Faisal Manzoor 0336-5444144

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