RTI Festival(Open)(Punjab)

Event Details


Celebration of such fundamental a right as right to information which helps attain other rights can help catch imagination of people and in popularizing its use at the grass root level. CPDI has been setting up RTI Stalls at public spaces in the project districts as a means to distribute promotional material in order to create awareness about the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013. Building on our experience of holding these RTI Stalls, CPDI will be holding RTI Festivals in the project districts. RTI Stalls, Dhol and Street-Theatre would be the essential components of RTI Festival. CPDI will be lending a touch of festivity to these RTI Stalls with a view to appeal to aesthetics of people by elaborating upon the message contained in the promotional material about RTI by holding street-theatre in the RTI Festival.

In this regard CPDI is going to hold RTI festivals for mass awareness about Right to Information law.

Contact Person with Cell # Saira Shoukat 0336-5666840

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