Project Initiation Meeting (District Bolan)(Balochistan)

Event Details

Description CPDI and FNF are jointly implementing a project titled “Democratic Local Governance for Development in Pakistan” with support of European Union (EU). It aims to build capacity of all stakeholders to demand more efficient, transparent, inclusive and accountable local governance systems in 15 districts of KP, Sindh and Balochistan.

Under this initiative by involving citizens through participatory development, community interests and ownership in public projects will become increasingly reflected; resultantly relationship between local authorities and citizens will strengthen. Efforts of local CSOs and communities will also initiate the promotion of inclusive, participatory and non-discriminatory development to raise the standard of life of the citizens of the target districts in an equitable manner.

Project initiation meeting is the first field activity in which all stakeholders (CSO, Citizens, Media and Local Authorities) of district Bolan  would be briefed on project in detail. A district level coalition will also be constituted which will lead the project initiatives in the districts.

Contact Person with Cell # Abdul Razaq Baloch-03365444114

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