Press Conference on “State of Budget Transparency in Pakistan” – Sialkot

Event Details

Budget is the most important document that a government produces every year. It translates government’s narratives and commitments into action. CNBA has strived for openness in the budgets at every level for the past decade and has been gauging the transparency of district budgets allover the Pakistan. During the current year, the focus of the exercise was at the provincial and federal levels, which led to a report on the “State of Budget Transparency in Pakistan”. It is hoped that this report will help further the cause of reforms, especially when it is shared with various stakeholders. CNBA is organizing a Press Conference at Press Club, Sialkot on 8th December to share its key findings and recommendations with print and electronic media. This will also help to share the status of budget transparency in Pakistan with general public. SANGAT Development Foundation-SDF a member organization of CNBA will be hosting the event in district Sialkot.

Venue: Press Club, Sialkot

Partner Organization: SANGAT Development Foundation-SDF

Project: NED

Contact Persons with Cell Numbers: 
Ms. Shahnaz Akhtar   0321-5558740

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