Press Conference on Citizen Budget (Ziarat)

Event Details

Budget document remains a technical document for the general population due to its difficult language. Citizens are not able to analyze sector wise allocation of budget. Through this EU funded project CPDI has developed an easy to understand district citizen budget of district Ziarat for the year of 2017-18. The main objective to develop this document is to minimize the technicalities of the budget document and make it easily understandable for the citizens. Through this the citizen will be able to hold Local Authorities (LAs) and government officials accountable and work towards good governance.

CPDI and Sabaoon For Peace and Sustainable development have planned to hold a press conference to share the salient features of the citizen budget of Ziarat district with media and citizens.

Project/Partner: Democratic Local Governance for development of Pakistan

Contact Person with Cell #: Abdul Razaq Baloch 03365444114

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