Press Conference on Charter of Demands on Budget Making and Implementation in Pakistan

Event Details

Citizens’ Network for Budget Accountability (CNBA) consistently raised issues, which needed government’s attention for improved and more efficient budget making. CNBA carried out an assessment of current budget issues at national level and came up with a “Charter of Demands on Budget Making and Implementation in Pakistan”. It is expected that this Charter of Demands would help in further advancing the cause of reforms, especially after it has been shared with different stakeholders. CNBA is organizing a Press Conference at Hotel Grand Peshawar on 21st  Jan 2020 to share its recommendations/solutions with print and electronic media. This will help to share the existing process of budget making in Pakistan with general public. This will highlight the deficiencies inherent in budget making and helped the citizens and other stakeholder for demanding participatory and transparent budgeting

Safar Welfare Organization a member of CNBA will be hosting the event in district Peshawar.

Partner Organization: Safar Welfare Organization

Project: NED

Contact Persons with Cell Numbers: 
Mr. Shamsul Hadi 03365444118

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