Media Briefing Citizens demand for new PFC award in Balochistan

Event Details

Article 140-A of the constitution of Pakistan requires provincial governments to devolve “financial responsibility and authority to elected representatives of local governments”. This command of the constitution cannot be accomplished without a provincial finance commission (PFC) award. Balochistan government has failed to constitute a PFC even after promulgation of local government act in 2010.

Citizens Network for Budget Accountability (CNBA) is demanding for early constitution of the PFC in Balochistan so that local governments get their due share in divisible pool.

CPDI and Salar Development Foundation are holding a press briefing to voice public demand for an early PFC award.

Name of CNBA Partner Organizing event: SALAR Development Foundation (SFD)

Project/Partner: NED

Contact Person with Cell # Abdul Salam 03342323055

Mohammad Asif 0334-2388669

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