Launching of Citizens’ Budget District Jhelum(Punjab)

Event Details

Description Citizens Budgets are designed to present key budget information to citizens. They are typically written in accessible language and incorporate visual elements to help non-specialist readers understand the information. Issuance of citizen budget is a rare practice in Pakistan; only very recently have the two provincial governments produced such document. No district governments have ever issued any citizen budget at all. This citizen budget is the first such document produced in Pakistan at district level.

CPDI is holding a launching ceremony to present this Citizen budget before the stakeholders in Jhelum. The purpose of this activity is to bring the first district citizens’ budget in the public domain and initiate a discussion on need of district citizens’ budget

The event will gather Local Elected Representatives, Government Officials at District and Provincial Level, Government Office Holders, Policy Makers, Representatives of the Political Parties, Civil Society and Media.

Contact Person with Cell # Tabish Mujahid 0302-4495540

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