Launching Ceremony of CPDI Budget Tracker Mobile Application(Sindh)

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Budget is the most important policy document that presents financial planning and management of the government. Budget indicates the areas of priority of the government. In a true democratic system, all state policies are supposed to be formulated through active public participation. The public participation is brought about through transparency and involvement of public representatives. In modern age, where technology is moving forward and use of technology is increasing, there is a growing need that citizens, have online and easy access to their district development profile. To cater this need, CPDI has developed a Budget Tracker Mobile Application. CPDI Budget tracker is a first of its kind initiative, which provide an online interactive platform to the citizens where segregated but complete development budget information for districts and different departments of the provinces is available for their use.
Contact Person with Cell # Mr. Toufique
Contact: 0336-5444145

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