Interface Meeting with Public Officials -Punjab (Open)

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Project/Partner : Citizen’s Information and Accountability Forum (CIAF)
Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, (CPDI) conducted ‘Information Need Assessment Survey’ in Multan from January 18, 2015 to February 04, 2015 to determine information needs of citizens of Multan from public bodies in
agriculture, health, education and environment sectors. The survey findings show that the majority of citizens want to have access to information pertaining to their personal needs such as for the solution of personal healthcare problems, information about admission policy, and for knowing government assistance in case of disaster. Even then, 28% in health sector, 24% in environment sector, 14% in education and agriculture sectors could not get access to information. Citizens have to face difficulties in getting access to information as 39% citizens complained about incomplete information being provided by the staff, 31% complained about misbehaviour of the staff and 19% shared that the staff was reluctant to share information.It is in this context that Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, (CPDI) is in the process of forming CIAF, a citizen led group in Multan which will seek to achieve following

• To ensure increased public participation in district development works;
• To use Right to Information law, and to encourage citizens to use the law to unmask and mitigate corrupt practices in budgeting and spending on development projects;
To enhance public accountability of the government officials for improved quality of service delivery in district Multan – focusing on health, education, environment/disaster risk management and agriculture sectors.
CIAF will be holding Interface meeting with public officials on May 21, 2015 to share with officials findings of the survey. CIAF will also discuss matters pertaining to the implementation of the Punjab Transparency and Right to
Information Act 2013.
Contact Person with Cell # Syed Raza Ali, 03365444115

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