DRTIN Orientation and Planning Meeting(Sargodha-Punjab)(By Invitation)

Event Details

District Right to Information networks established in four districts of Punjab are functioning to promote Right to Information in their respective districts. Our volunteer
groups are not confining to awareness raising but also through organize efforts they mobilize citizen groups on the use of the Punjab RTI law. Through sustained advocacy initiatives and effective engagement with government officials these activists are also making viable efforts for strengthening the implementation of law. Other than regular bimonthly meetings volunteers meet during the annual orientation and planning meeting to strategize their efforts.
It is in this regard that District Right to Information network Sargodha organizes its annual meeting to achieve following objectives:

–  Evaluation of RTI activities implemented and their outcome in 2014-15
–  Briefing to existing and new network members about the features of the Punjab RTI law
– Mapping of the District level issues in the health,education, environment and the education sector
–  Drafting of issues based Information requests
–  Preparation of Annual work plan

Contact Person with Cell # Muhammad Qasim 03365444134

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