District Website Opening Ceremony at DCO Office Sargodha

Event Details

District Website Opening Ceremony is going to be held at DCO Office Sargodha  in Colloboration with Centre of Peace and Development Initiatives

3 thoughts on “District Website Opening Ceremony at DCO Office Sargodha

  • By hafiz abdurauf - Reply

    Dear sir/madam
    Can I share our problems about sevarage system , education, Post office, traffic, health and etc.
    I’m waiting your response on web if you can.

    • By Sid jutt - Reply

      Yes sir we people of Gillwala face the problem of sevarages system the work that was going on now stop and even the tanker that take out the waste water now did not do anymore so plz at least that on daily basis this water have to take out bcoz of it a lot of problem we all facing….

  • By Mumtaz hussain awan - Reply

    Sir / medam i woulk like to humbly requested to you and draw your atention about Rates of eatable things on bhera rest area at motorway that they are charged more then the price being given by District Givernmet sargodha plz
    Yesterdar i purchased a 500 ML juice and they demnd 100 rupees where is its actually cost is 60 plzdo your kind consideration thanks

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