District Level People’s Assembly on Education

Event Details

Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE) along with its member organization ‘Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives(CPDI)’, is organizing district level Pe­oples’ Assembly on Education to discuss the state of education in Rawalpindi district and come up with some tangible strategies to improve it. This assembly will engage all important stakeholders at district level through an interactive session. Participants will collectively discuss educational issues and develop an optimal agenda towards improving those issues at district level.  The main areas of discussion during this assembly will be:

The financing of education in context of the Provincial Budget 2013-14

  • Implementation and enactment of article 25-A Right to Education (RTE) to ensure free and quality education to all children aged 5 to 16
  • The provincial governments commitment to Education
  • Girls Education; ensuring equal access and working towards ending the gender disparity in schools in the district


Contact Person: Syed Kauser Abbas

Cell # 0336-5666057

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