District Level Budget Consultation Tando Allahyar

Event Details

Inclusion of citizens in budget making is an important step to strengthen the confidence of people in the democratic process. Citizens’ Network for Budget Accountability (CNBA) is organizing this district level budget consultation which aims to enhance the capacity of civil society organizations to monitor the budget making process at the district level and strengthen transparency and public accountability of the government. The consultation will also provide opportunity to strengthen long-term engagement with district authorities to make the budget and budget making process more open, transparent, and participatory. CNBA partner Sindh Health & Education Development Society (SHEDS) will be hosting this event.

Project: Budget Research and Advocacy for Democratic Accountability

Partner: Sindh Health & Education Development Society (SHEDS)

Contact Persons with Cell Numbers: 
Mr. Toufique Ahmed Wassan 0336-5444145
Dr. Zahid Saddar  0333-3328886

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