District level Budget Consultation (Nasirabad)

Event Details

Inclusion of active citizen’s in budget making is an important step to strengthen the confidence of people in the democratic process where they confidently share their ideas and concerns on allocation of funds and further point out the areas that needs improvement. Citizen Network for budget Accountability (CNBA is the network of civil society organizations & NGOs working on the monitoring of district Government Budget – Strengthening the participation of citizens, enforcing transparency & accountability and pointing out the loopholes in the district Budget Making Process. Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) from the platform of CNBA organizing a district level budget consultation with its Partner Organization Social Sangat in district Nasirabad on 28th November, 2017.

This consultation aims to brace the participation of citizens in the budgetary process at all the levels of Government.

Name of CNBA Partner Organizing event: Social Sangat
Project/Partner: NED

Contact Person with Cell #: Mohammad Asif 03365444127
Mr. Khalid Mir 0345-3838131

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