CIME Consultative Session 4: Advocacy Initiatives for Strong RTI Law in Balochistan

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Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives is pleased to host the Consultative Session on “Advocacy Initiatives for Strong Right to Information Law in Balochistan” to be held on Wednesday, 15th July 2020) at 2: 30 pm. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, these sessions are being held online, through ZoomApp, and will be broadcast on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter & YouTube).

The objective of these consultative sessions is to discuss advocacy measures that can be taken to promote the cause of Strong Right to Information Law in Balochistan. Strong right to information laws have been enacted at the Federal level and in three provinces (Punjab, Sindh and KP), whilst Balochistan is still holding on to the “Balochistan Freedom of Information Act 2005”, which is widely criticised for being highly restrictive and inadequate.

RTI is a fundamental right, which can be effectively enforced only if the Government of Balochistan takes steps to enact a new law, which is consistent with national and international standards. The new law must, among others, (a) provide a comprehensive definition of information and records, (b) ensure maximum disclosure of information, (c) direct proactive disclosure of most of the information held by public bodies, and (d) establish a robust mechanism to redress grievances of citizens facing delays or unfair denials in obtaining information.

The following panellists will discuss various aspects of the RTI:

  • Ayub Tareen, Bureau Chief Hum NEWS & President, BUJ
  • Mehboob Qadir Shah, Chief Information Commissioner, Punjab Information Commission
  • Sana Ullah Baloch, BNP-M, Opposition Leader in Balochistan Assembly
  • Zafar Ullah Khan, Civic Educator

Please do not hesitate to contact me at, Cell: 0336 566 6045, or WhatsApp (0345-5896494), if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about these panel discussions or any other related matter. We value our successful partnership with you and look forward to our continued relationship. 


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