CIAF Field Visit to Education Department in District Hangu

Event Details

The Right to Information is a benchmark development in the process of creating transparency and accountability in the administrative system. RTI provides a chance to citizens to use acquired information in exercise of their political, economic and legal rights which in turn strengthen their capability to improve the quality of their life. RTI is a powerful tool that strengthens democracy and promotes good governance by enhancing the citizen’s ability to participate in the process.
Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, (CPDI), after contributing to the enactment of the RTI Laws in KP and Punjab, is now trying to popularize the concept of getting access to information held by public bodies as a right by using this law. It is in this context that CPDI has facilitated the formation of CIAF in District Hangu and its sub committees will establish during first CIAF monthly meeting. These sub committees will visit the development and non-development schemes of different sectors with following objectives:

• Increase participation of general public
• Develop participants’ capacity to advocate for their right to know
• To enhance public accountability of the government officials for improved quality of service delivery

During the project total 12 field visit will conduct in District Hangu. Sub committees of CIAF will visit the development and non-development schemes in their relevant sectors. First field visit is planned on December 20, 2016.
It is in this context that Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, (CPDI) is conducting three field visits of CIAF Sub Committee of Education on December 21, 2016. Committee member will visit ongoing construction of schools in Merbak, Lkhti Banda and Bar Abbass Khail, the timing is from 12:00 pm to 02:00 pm.

Contact Person with Cell # Zubair Shahzad 0336-5444132

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