2nd Stakeholders Induction Meeting (Multan)

Event Details

CPDI has launched a new project in District Multan which aims to improving access and quality of Education in Pakistan by promoting transparent and participatory school governance at
the local level. This meeting is designed to enhance the capacity of stakeholders. Because social auditing creates an impact upon governance. It values the voice of stakeholders, including
marginalized /poor groups whose voices are rarely heard. Social auditing is taken up for the purpose of enhancing local governance, particularly for strengthening accountability and
transparency at the local level in Multan, such as the efficiency of a project or program. Due to this induction meeting, it will be helpful in harnessing a complete support from all of them during
the implementation of this project in a congenial and cooperative environment. And lastly, it will help in capturing a closer on-ground situation of access and quality of education in the
respective areas and how the situation can be improved through social accountability interventions such as social audits. Parents and families cannot be the only group of people for children’s
education.  Communities and society must support parents and families in the upbringing, socializing, and educating of children.  Because Community participation can contribute to education delivery through various channels.

Contact Person with Cell # Saira Shoukat (03365666840)

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