Support to Media in Pakistan(Completed)

 Support to Media in Pakistan

Project Title Support to Media in Pakistan
Supported ByIMS-DANIDA 
Duration24 Apr 2015 - 30 Nov 2016
Project ObjectivesTrain 1500 Journalists across Pakistan;
1. To improve their understanding and knowledge on legal framework and issues related to journalists safety
2. To enhance their basic life saving skills
Geographic Focus75 districts across Pakistan (districts of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KP, AJK, Federal Capital and FATA)
Target Group & Beneficiaries Journalists
Brief Description Journalism as a profession has witnessed enormous growth over the past decade. But safety of journalists and issue of impunity still remains largely devoid of much needed attention by the government. Currently 18,000 or more journalists are working in Pakistan. In 2012, the UNESCO launched the UN Action Plan on Impunity against Journalists and Issues of Safety and included Pakistan among its five pilot countries for its implementation. CPDI has been given the task under this project by IMS-DANIDA to train 1500 local journalists across Pakistan in 75 training sessions on themes related to physical safety in the context of Pakistan’s environment. It is envisaged that by completing this two-day training workshop the journalists would get adequate knowledge and guidance, and learn significant tips and techniques to enter the field more confidently, carry out their professional work more objectively, and adopt safety procedures and protective mechanisms that are vital to safeguard their physical safety.