Strengthening Investigative Journalism through Right to Information-(Completed)

Project TitleStrengthening Investigative Journalism through Right to Information
Supported byUSAID
DurationFrom: February ,2014 To March, 2015(13 Months)
Project Objectives1. To establish an Information Clearing House (ICH), which can assess the information requirement of journalists and the challenges they face in accessing information; and take timely steps to facilitate them in obtaining information from public bodies by using existing laws including RTI laws
2. To build and strengthen the capacity of ICH in such a way that it can handle the increasing number of information requests including submission and follow up of complaints where public bodies unfairly deny or delay access to information
3. To share with journalists the information collected from public bodies on critical issues of public importance to support their reporting and investigative stories
4. To enable journalists to improve their reporting techniques and promote investigative journalism by utilizing the Right to Information legislation
Geographic FocusPunjab
Target Groups and beneficiariesMedia/ Journalists
DescriptionThis project aims to build the capacity of journalists to use RTI laws for the purpose of investigative reporting. The journalists, both from print and electronic media, will be trained in use of RTI in investigative reporting. The project team will keep a strong follow up with trained journalists and will keep on encouraging them to use RTI for investigative reporting