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Issue No: 181 E – Alert Issue Date: 02-05-2019


California is fighting over the future of freedom of information laws

Fast Company

Many people argue that public records laws are essential to democracy. Others say they’re being used by corporate interests to stifle important research…


Is Government Committed to Transparency?


President Hage Geingob really wants a government as transparent as a glass that is not tinted. On a personal level, Geingob loves a debate…


Ja ranked highest in the C’bean on respect for freedom of information

Jamaica Observer

The Paris-based Reporters without Borders (RFS) named Jamaica as the highest Caribbean country that most respect freedom of information…


How the freedom of information system often results in secrecy instead of transparency

Toronto Star

The freedom of information (FOI) system is meant to benefit all of us, the public. It’s supposed to be there so we can know what data our government…

United Arab Emirates

AI journalism promises a revolution in freedom of information, and a free flow of information

Gulf Today

How does Artificial Intelligence Journalism assure freedom of information? One of the key pillars on…


Provision in RTI Act allowing transfer of application to ‘appropriate’ department gives authorities

First Stop

One of the foundations of accountability for our democracy is the Right to Information Act (RTI) of 2005. It can be hailed as a revolutionary…


Germany: Personal Data: Comprehensive Right To Information Of The Employee

Mondaq News Alerts

The Regional Labor Court (LAG) of Baden-Württemberg, in its ruling of December 20, 2018 granted an employee…

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