Increasing Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Electoral Systems (Completed)

Project TitleIncreasing Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Electoral Systems
Supported ByUS Consulate Karachi
Duration6 Months: 1st October, 2018 to 31st March, 2019.
ObjectivesThe objectives of the projects are as below
1. To make electoral system of Pakistan more inclusive by sensitizing the political actors and policy makers about rights of PWDs.
2. To provide a platform to PWDs where they can raise their voice for veneration of their political and electoral rights.
3. To encourage PWDs to reinforce their political rights.
Geographic FocusKarachi and Quetta
Target Groups and beneficiariesPersons with disabilities (PWDs) ECP official and political parties
DescriptionThe aim of the project is to transform the electoral and democratic regime in Pakistan to be inclusive of persons with disability. Project aspire to impact the policy and implementation regime in the favor of persons with disabilities through collective action to increase there participation in political and electoral sphere of life.