Provincial Coordinator

  • Contractual (for 1 Year)
  • Karachi
  • This position has been filled

Terms of Reference

Position:  Provincial Coordinator – Sindh
Position Type: Contractual (1-year)
Location: Karachi (with frequent travel within the province)
Deadline: 28th February, 2015


The Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, Pakistan (CPDI) is an independent, non-partisan and a not-for-profit civil society organization working on issues of peace and development in Pakistan. It is registered UNDER SECTION 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984).

‘Promoting Stable, Inclusive, and Tolerant Democracy in Pakistan through Enhanced and Informed Youth Participation, is a one year initiative of Centre for Peace and Development initiatives (CPDI). The project, through engaging youth in constructive and educational activities will enhance their understanding of the electoral process, democratic institutions, and of virtues of democracy over the period of one year. The project is built upon the notion that effective participation of people in elections and electoral processes largely depends on the level of information and understanding they have about the process, the system, and their rights.


The list of key responsibilities includes:

    • Assist the Project Manager in implementation of all project activities in the province of responsibility.
    • Build synergies with the press clubs and provincial media associations.
    • Establish liaison with the identified universities specially the social sciences department.
    • Get the MOUs signed with the universities for implementation of project activities.
    • Identify and profile active students for selection of male and female campus ambassadors.
    • Profile students for sessions, camps, workshops and other project activities.
    • Hold orientation seminars in universities.
    • Organize trainings of youth on  media literacy.
    • Get at least four democracy blogs written by each youth media literacy workshop trainee
    • Mobilize youth for participation in quizzes and contests.
    • Organize trainings of media personnel on role of media in elections.
    • Organize campus competitions including debates, essay contests, and quiz etc.
    • Establish technology democracy camps.
    • Organize mock debates and simulated elections.
    • Mobilize and engaging youth into Fun Learning games and e-comics on
    • Filling online reporting and database software’s for regular reporting and record keeping.
    • Submission of all activity reports on prescribed format and in prescribed manner
    • Submit monthly and Quarterly reports.
    • Take part in CPDI review and planning meetings in Islamabad (as and when required by the management).
    • Any other task assigned by the higher management.

Required Qualification:

  • Atleast masters in relevant field
  •  Having at least 3 years experience in relevant field.

Additional Skills Required:

  •   Pakistani national must have fluency in Urdu,English and the regional languages.
  •   Resident of that area.
  •   Should be aware of gender and cultural sensitivities
  •   Ability to work in a team/individually with tight deadlines and under time pressure.

Additional Responsibilities:

CPDI has established a well-coordinated team of development professional that keep on supporting each other to improve the quality of work and to attain the intended results. This may require some additional task not mentioned in these TORs once in a while.

How to Apply:

  • Interested individuals please send your detailed CV to Last date of application is 28th February,2015  till 05:30 PM.
  • Please mention the title of the post in subject line of email.
  • Please do not attach any other document at this stage. If required, these documents will be asked at later stage.
  • Please do not attach your picture with CV. CPDI discourages all practices that can lead to bias during selection process.
  • CPDI has a policy of not sharing the data of applicants with any other agency.

Special Note:

  • CPDI is a non-smoking area. Smoking is not allowed in covered areas of CPDI offices, inside CPDI official vehicles, during the proceedings of any seminars, conferences or meeting conducted by CPDI or where any employee is representing CPDI.
  • CPDI has a zero-tolerance policy towards financial corruption, moral turpitude and sexual harassment.
  • CPDI has a non-discrimination policy on basis of race, language, color, and religion.
  • CPDI has a policy to disqualify the applicants who try to influence shortlisting/interview committee during the process of recruitment.
  • CPDI has a right to withdraw the position and selection process of above mentioned position at any time.